“Legong Urban”

that was what Mrs. Ayu Bulantrisna Jelantik said, when they were just about to enter the stage.

The combination between traditional dance and current trends, she said afterwards. Dancers in their costume, using their mobile phones to take each other’s photographs and upload them on their social media networks.
She specializes in Legong dance, for more than 50 years.. and she has a Sanggar Tari (traditional dance school) in Bandung, Indonesia. She prepared a special dance arrangement for this event, and customized the costumes too, without leaving the essence of actual Legong dance.

Actually, these photographs were intended for completing one of the assignments of the photography course I’m currently taking. Answering the task to create a serie of portraits using highkey lowkey midkey technique.
I’m sorry if the information is not detailed enough, but I will do my best add more details, soon.

*Legong is a traditional dance from Bali, Indonesia.

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